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“The bottom line is that all the stories examine what it is to be human and that is always what makes a book compelling to me. I know little about Ukraine and its people. Author Rychtycka let me see the intimate part of Ukrainian history, culture and its community. This is an excellent collection from Rychtycka and I look forward to her future works.” —Lit Amri         Reader’s Favorite (Five Stars) * * * “With little hope in her homeland, one seeks to look elsewhere. Crossing the Border is a collection of short stories from Ukrainian writer Ksenia Rychtycka as she tells many stories surrounding Ukraine as well the world around it, telling of characters facing events of the nation's recent history and their personal journeys. With a good dose of humor and insight into the lives of Ukrainians, Crossing the Border is a must for any international fiction collection.” Midwest Book Review (Reviewer's Choice) * * * “Beautifully written and fully imagined, Ksenia Rychtycka’s stories are rich with color and setting.  Though many of her characters are prisoners—of history, politics, inertia or fear—there is an undercurrent of hope and even salvation, which arrives in deftly quiet and compelling ways: a scrawny bird, a recipe contest, the toll of a distant bell.  Rychtycka is a writer of astonishing compassion and honesty, a writer to be cherished and watched.” —Dorene O’Brien, award-winning author     of Voices of the Lost and Found * * * * * * “Ksenia Rychtycka weaves her characters with dignity, compassion and strength in Crossing the Border. Blending history and ethnicity, each story delivers universal human emotions with an amazing voice. The reader is captivated, anticipating each turn of the page.” —Susan Noe Harmon,         author, Under the Weeping Willow            www.snharmon.com
Ksenia Rychtycka
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“One of the strongest images in this anthology is Babtsia. The image of the strong and competent Ukrainian grandmother caring for the emotional and spiritual needs of future generations is skillfully portrayed by Rychtycka.”
—Myra Junyk,     Knyzhka Corner Book Review     Nash Holos Ukrainian Radio